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Mindfulness tools to reduce stress and live your life to the full

Why Mindfulness?

Do you wish to live with greater ease? Experience less stress and and anxiety?
Feel more connected to the people in your life?

With practice, mindfulness can help you to live more fully and meaningfully, with greater awareness, clarity and compassion. By being fully engaged in the present moment, with an accepting attitude and without judgement, it is possible to feel more alive and connected to the world within and around you.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

By developing body and breath awareness, mindfulness has been found to have several health and wellbeing benefits, when practised regularly. In the UK, NHS Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) recognises mindfulness in promoting mental wellbeing.

MSBR Programme

The MBSR programme is considered the gold standard in secular mindfulness training.  This 8-week programme is designed to help you embed mindfulness in your everyday life.

Registration is now open for the programme starting Friday 10th January 2025.

Evidence-based Mindfulness

  • Become aware of your inner and outer experience.
  • Find space to develop deep personal insight.
  • Change the way you relate to difficulties.
  • Create new choices in how to live life fully.
  • Experience an opportunity for calm, growth and transformation.

What does it entail?

The MBSR programme runs for 8-weeks and is designed to help you embed mindfulness in your everyday life.
Learning will combine experiential practice, group discussion and reflection. Online sessions, lasting 2 hours, are held once a week.

 Experiential practice

Group meditation and home practice form a key part of the programme helping you to embed mindfulness into everyday life.
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Group discussion

Facilitated inquiry allows you the space and opportunity to share your experience, and learn from others in the group.
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Reflecting on your own practice, you’ll begin to learn more about yourself and your responses to stress. 
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I hold several half-day retreats each year. These are an optional element of my MBSR programme and are also open to anyone. This year money raised from retreat fees will be donated to Pancreatic Cancer UK.

Retreat dates:

Sunday 8th September 2024

Sunday 9th February 2025

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